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Kathy's Clogging Page

Clogging is a form of percussive dance that originated in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North America. It evolved from dances brought by European settlers, which through time blended with Native American and African dances. Modern clogging continues to evolve, and in recent years has been augmented with tap dancing, Irish step dancing, Canadian step dancing, jazz, and hip hop. More information on clogging may be found at:
Double Toe Times
Southern California Clogging Association

This website is about my personal experience with clogging. I have been clogging since 1985. I am currently the director of the Calico Cloggers , a group based in Fairfax, VA. I enjoy choreographing and have recently received the Certified Clogging Instructor designation from C.L.O.G., Inc.

My email is listed below. Please note that if this email account becomes saturated with spam, I will delete it and post the new one here.