kam clogger

Codes for Clogging Cuesheets

First row indicates the step:

DT double toe move foot forward, hitting ball of foot on the floor, then bring foot backwards, again hitting ball of footno weigh transfer (&a)
S step step onto the foot
DS double stepdouble toe then step onto the same foot (&a1)
RS rock step step onto one foot, then the other (&1)rock is usually behind, but could be in front or to the side
T toe usually the tip of the toe
H heel usually dropping the heel to the floor
STOstomp very heavy step, put weight onto the foot
STAstamp heavy step to the floor, then bring the foot back up
Tchtouch place and leave the foot on the floor without putting weight on it
DRdrag slide foot backwards along the floor
SLslide slide foot forwards along the floor
SKskuff hit heel of foot on the floor while bringing it forward and up
BRbrush brush ball of foot on the floor while moving it (usually)forward and up
BObounce Jump onto both feet
K kick usually a straight-legged kick
Flgflange tip of toe rest on floor, heel rolls out to side
HBheel-ball touch heel, then put weight onto ball of same foot
TBtoe-ball touch toe tip, then put weight onto the ball of same foot

Additional directional indications for steps:

xifcross in front
xibcross in back
otsout to side
ifin front
ibin back

Second row indicates the foot:


Third row indicates the count:

1e&aone eee and uh
2e&atwo eee and uh
3e&athree eee and uh
4e&afour eee and uh