Catio - KAM Clogger

The Catio

Many years ago we added a porch to our house. In 2014 I decided to no longer let my indoor/outdoor cat go outside. I thought the area under the porch would be a great catio, so we screened it in. I put down concrete pavers on top of the dirt, so the surface was 1/4 pavers, 1/4 concrete pad, and 1/2 asphalt

2021: When I bought the house in 1993, the carport was covered with bricks. They were crumbling around the edges and I simply didn't like them, so we chistled them off. I thought they would make a great surface for the catio, so I kept them.

2022: I finally got around to having my concrete driveway replaced that was in horrible shape when I bought the house. I had the concrete workers take out the aslphalt on the catio.

I spent weekends in the Fall laying bricks, figuring it out as I went.

Well, that furniture is not going to cut it. So I bought a real patio set.

The cats approve, Gilda, Rory, and Dobby:

2023: After I retired, I finally had time to add shelves for a cat walk.

Gilda and Dobby love the cat walk.

Elspeth likes it OK, if I take her out there.

Rory seems to be afraid of the cat walk. He prefers to sleep on the furniture or corner table.